Apple Butter Memories…

Apple Butter
Apple Butter

JGraves Copyright 2013

Apple butter…just the words bring back memories of my mom in the kitchen.  We had several apple trees in our yard when I was growing up and every summer my mother would spend time making apple sauce, apple butter, and freezing sliced apples.  These are good memories of days long ago.  In an effort to bring back some of the glorious apple & spice deliciousness from my childhood,  I  decided to give the recipe a try…and, man alive, am I ever glad I did.  It’s a super easy recipe and the outcome is incredible!  One batch makes just one pint…the perfect amount for a singleton like me!  Oh, and another benefit is that your entire house will smell like apple butter heaven!

I found the recipe on this blog.  She also has quite a few additional slow cooker recipes that I hope to try soon!  One thing I will say is that the recipe calls for 12 apples.  My crock pot is smaller so I used six apples…and still came out with a pint of apple butter.  If you use 12 apples, just make sure they’re small…otherwise go with six larger sized apples.



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